May 9, 2023

Mid Calf Grip Socks For Footballers

mid calf grip socks

As most players know, the quality of the socks you wear is crucial to ensuring your feet feel comfortable and stay healthy. Good quality socks should be made from materials that wick away moisture, have breathability and quick-drying properties and are soft on your feet. The best quality socks should also provide support and prevent blisters.

Adding grip elements to your socks has become an increasingly popular trend in both amateur and professional soccer. Grip socks are designed to increase the foot-to-boot traction which reduces internal slippage which can ultimately affect your performance on the pitch. URL mid calf grip socks –

This mid-calf pair of grip socks by Atak is a top performer in terms of comfort and function. The grip element wraps around the base, side and heel of your foot locking it inside your shoe providing traction which reduces the chance of blistering. The high-grade unique Polyamide/Cotton mix also means they are super soft and comfortable on the foot allowing players to plant their foot with 100% confidence helping to conserve energy and preventing strains.

Stability and Support: Unleashing the Power of Mid-Calf Grip Socks

UK based Gain the Edge have produced an excellent pair of grip socks for an affordable price. The mid-calf socks are a bit longer than ankle-length and touch the shin guards halfway up the calf muscle. They have been worn by numerous professionals including Gareth Bale and Demba Ba.

Falke’s socks are not the most affordable on this list but they are worth the extra cost for their excellent performance. The grip elements are embedded in the fabric and are shaped to mold to your foot, providing a secure fit and a tight compression feeling that lock down the heel of the foot. The socks are also very breathable and dry quickly, a key for footballers to avoid sweat build up which can lead to chafing and blisters.