September 4, 2023

CrossFit Movements For Beginners

CrossFit has a cult-like following and a reputation for being brutally intense. But it’s also mouvements crossfit -friendly, and there’s no reason to be intimidated by complex barbell work or the challenge of a handstand push-up. A qualified coach can help you determine the appropriate level of difficulty for each movement based on your unique fitness goals and abilities.

The clean is a full-body exercise that utilizes leg and arm strength to flip a barbell up to the shoulders and chest from its starting position on the ground or in a squat. The clean is a foundational movement that should be learned in the beginning before moving on to more complex lifts. A power clean is a simpler version of the full clean that involves receiving the barbell in a partial squat. Practicing both the front and power clean will increase your overall head-to-toe strength.

Mastering CrossFit Movements: A Comprehensive Guide to Functional Fitness

The snatch is another full-body movement that requires incredible upper body strength to be completed successfully. The snatch is often used in the Olympic lifting technique drills during a WOD (workout of the day). The movement builds shoulder and lat mobility while also challenging core strength.

When performing a push-up, it is best to perform them on a soft surface like a mat or grass. This is because the pressure from pushing with your knuckles can be uncomfortable if you’re not conditioned for it. Also, be sure to use proper form when performing push-ups by pressing through the index and middle knuckles instead of the weaker ring and pinky knuckles. This will reduce the likelihood of injury and improve your ability to perform reps.