April 9, 2024

How to Improve Domain Reputation


How to improve domain reputation is a key component of email deliverability. It’s one of several factors that influence providers and anti-spam services to decide whether an email should land in the spam folder or inbox.

A domain’s reputation is determined by the quality of an email marketer’s practices and content over time. As such, it’s not derived from a single email being sent to spam or inbox. Instead, a domain’s reputation is built from a consistent set of behaviors that includes best email marketing practices, list hygiene, authentication, content consistency, volume and pace of emails, and engagement.

Unveiling Domain Reputation Signals: Key Indicators and Their Impact

If a new email domain experiences a high number of spam complaints, it could potentially get blacklisted by ISPs and mailbox providers. This has a negative impact on a brand’s credibility and can damage the domain reputation of an entire email program.

Using a unique domain name that’s easy to remember and spell is a good way to help with your domain reputation. This can help your recipients quickly identify who an email is from and helps ensure that the emails are not being spoofed by spammers.

A high unsubscribe rate is an early warning sign that your domain reputation is being damaged. Prompt resolution of these issues and re-engagement campaigns can repair the damage done to your domain reputation. A well-managed unsubscribe process can also boost your domain reputation by indicating to mailbox providers that your content is useful and wanted.