Athena Home Loans Review

Athena Home Loans review

If you are looking for a great home loan, Athena might be the one for you. This fast and friendly lender will help you find the perfect loan to suit your needs. Its fast response times mean that you will have your query answered in no time. Its low rates are also a huge plus because it passes on those savings to its existing customers. And, because it is a young fintech company, there is no single transaction fee.

Instant Pay And Offset Account

Athena Home Loans review is a non-bank, digital lender based in Sydney. They have access to wholesale funding rates, making them a great choice for home loan borrowers. They offer fee-free home loans, including zero application, ongoing, or exit fees. Athena is backed by investors such as AirTree Ventures and Apex Capital. Their home loan products range from $100,000 to $2 million, and they charge no fees.

Athena’s website is user-friendly, but doesn’t provide the kind of advanced features that big banks have. The app is in beta version for current customers, but it should be ready soon. Other features include instant pay and offset account, but no debit card option. However, at the time of writing this review, the company is still worth a look. The customer service department at Athena is a huge plus, and the company is one of the most transparent and helpful banks around.

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