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As I look out across the crisp morning landscape on my visit to the spectacular mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I hear a voice that so eloquently states, “Yes, you can hear me lying beside you.” This is what a wonderful father to be named Ken Cook had to say when he took his young daughter cheerleader on her first ride as she entered the world of motorcycling. The very next day the girl and her father were riding in a car that they’d designed and planned to take their new friend on a cross country trip across the mountain ranges. Check out!


I don’t know about you but I have never met anyone who enjoys talking to mechanical repairs or even car service experts. My wife’s favorite line is “What’s the point of doing all this work and money if you’re not going to use it?” To Ken Cook and others in the Mornington Peninsula automotive specialists group, that’s exactly what the goal is. They want to see you happy so that they can help you enjoy your recreational vehicle for years to come. When you drive by a roadside assistance billboard you may think to yourself that if only I could afford that one thing…


Thank you Ken and Mary for your hospitality and the pleasure you gave us on our visit to your beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Your love of your daughter and your concern for her well being were very much appreciated. We’ll be back soon enough. In the meantime you’ll enjoy a free map of the entire region, access to the GPS technology used in many of your online mapping programs, access to the latest road reports, and many more features that will keep you happy and coming back to your virtual map and managing everything from traffic to your route. Please consider all this in 2021.

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