Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Busy Marketers

Best SEO Chrome Extensions

Getting Best SEO Chrome Extensions tasks done isn’t easy – especially if you’re on a small in-house team or work for a busy agency that doesn’t have a dedicated SEO specialist. Fortunately, Google Chrome offers a slew of useful SEO-focused extensions that can make your day to day work much easier.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Busy Marketers

The first on our list is Forest, which is ideal for digital marketers who need to home in on tasks and projects with laser focus. The app also has a block site list to keep you away from distracting websites.

Another cool SEO Chrome extension is LinkMiner, which can help you identify and monitor backlinks on a given webpage. The tool scans for links on a page, pulls their metrics, and lets you export them to CSV.

SEO Meta in 1 Click is a great free SEO chrome extension that lets you quickly check the meta information for a given web page, including title and description length, canonical URL, headers in sequence, and more.

Must-Have Chrome Extensions for SEO Professionals: Boost Your Productivity and Results

GrowthBar is another cool SEO Chrome extension that gives you instant access to critical data points about any website. It unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are working for them, as well as showing you the top-performing content on their site.

AMP Validator is an awesome SEO Chrome extension that automatically checks pages for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compliance, and reports on whether the page passes or fails via the extension icon.

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