Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lessons in Bangkok, Thailand

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Saturday 2nd July, at IGOR MMA Bondi Junction, starting 9:30 am – 5 pm. 1st of Full Day seminar (3.5 hour, starting 9:30 am): 4. Angkor Watthan and Pasang (Stance and Stretch) 5. Langkah and Pasang (Stance and Stretch) 6. Karambit (events) 7. Lepasa’s Nagingan techniques (Jiujitsu) 8. Karate and some Chinese techniques (Zhang Ziquan) 9. Wrestling (Muay Thai, katanas, Aikido, Kung fu) 10. Thai Chi Chuan (Tiger clawing) These are all the best lessons and “boutiques” available in Bangkok for anyone wanting to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They all started in earnest by a few dedicated students who put in the effort and had to overcome significant hardships to get to where they are today. And all of them have something in common: they all offer the highest quality training at affordable prices with friendly, knowledgeable instructors.

How to Know About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lessons in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to the second half of my journey to become a certified full-fledged professional MMA fighter. In my first article, I shared with you the top five places to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Thailand. This article covers the next five most important areas or “boutiques” in the great state of Thailand.

So if you are a newbie and you are in Bangkok looking for an ideal place to train in Thailand, my advice is to first do research on the internet. If you are already in the country, my second piece of advice would be to pick a gym and make a commitment to stick to it. I know you will find many gyms and they have different training methods and levels but they will all be pretty much the same in terms of quality, customer service, atmosphere, etc. If you stick to just one gym and master their technique it will make your transition a lot easier.

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