Cellar Conversions UK

Cellar Specialist Cellar Conversions in basement conversions and cellar refurbishment work. By using a specialist, turn your outdated, damp, tiny basement or cellar into a modern living space, with a designer kitchen, bathroom, wet room and sun terrace added on. You don’t need to gut the place out, just get it redone by a professional and enjoy the benefits of a fully up to code, high quality conversion – complete with state-of-the-art heating and ventilation systems. Whether you want a basic conversion to a two-bedroom flat, to a luxurious apartment you can live in alone, to a large complex with shops, restaurants and bars, Cellar Conversions UK can work out a cost effective solution that suits you. It can also be customised to suit your requirements and budget.

How To Turn Your Cellar Conversions Uk From Zero To Hero

Cellar Conversions UK has a selection of qualified and experienced cellar conversions experts that will listen to your wants and needs, and give you a plan that suits your lifestyle, with options to suit all budgets. Whether you want to get the old, dreary and overcrowded basement to a sleek, modern facility with the latest appliances and facilities, or transform a dark, damp, tiny crawlspace into a beautiful, usable part of your home, Cellar Conversions UK can give it all. Cellar Conversions UK also offers state of the art conversions, designed to bring you as close to the outdoors as possible, while still providing you with the comforts and security of your own home. The conversion process involves experts selecting the perfect building material, installing state of the art heating and ventilation systems, and giving you access to your own natural gas and electricity supply. You don’t need to worry about power cuts or the weather, as your system is fitted to cope with any weather conditions. Cellar Conversions UK also offers a hassle free three year guarantee on your basement conversion to give you peace of mind.

With a wide range of products to choose from, Cellar Conversions UK can help transform your damp, dark, and cramped basement into an attractive, usable, and livable space in just one day. From fully custom conversions, to standard ones, from single and double story conversions, from terrace and loft conversions, and from Eco friendly and sustainable building methods, you’re sure to find the Cellar Conversion service that’s right for you. From kitchens and bathrooms to living and dining areas, and even from garages and sheds, your Cellar Conversions UK service will offer you a complete solution to all your storage problems. Cellar Conversions UK can give you years of storage solution, and ensure that your basement or attic functions as you envisaged when you converted it.