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Advantages of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

What is managed basic VPS Hosting? A managed VPS Hosting gives the freedom to manage and administer your own VPS independently. With managed VPS hosting, you are able to have root access to your VPS as if you were using your own dedicated server. What is also interesting about managed VPS hosting is that it allows you to have complete control over your VPS. Unlike shared hosting, with a managed VPS, you share a single server with other clients. But unlike dedicated hosting, your website still receives dedicated resources from its own slice of the virtual server.

Advantages of Unmanaged VPS Hosting .

The benefit of using managed VPS Hosting compared to cheap VPS Hosting is the freedom to create your own customized software. Since your VPS can be rebooted as many times as required, you can have your own software installed on it without the need of providing technical support to your customer. Also, you can install various softwares and programs on your own, without worrying about their compatibility with any other server. This would definitely save you a lot of money compared to purchasing licenses for software such as Red Hat, Apache, MySQL, or any other server.

So, whether you are running small business or a big enterprise, you can use the cloud to take advantage of VPS Hosting. With cheap and managed VPS Hosting plans, you may only be able to maintain or provide basic services to your visitors. But with a well-maintained, but costly, VPS Hosting, you can create and customize your own applications and web platforms, as much as you would like. All in all, you will definitely get more for your money with managed VPS Hosting than with dedicated servers.