Chalkboard paint is an exceptional, highly-glossy paint that produces a chalk-like surface which is used as a white writing surface much like a normal chalkboard or whiteboard. It’s possible to create a white surface on a regular chalkboard by rubbing a layer of chalkboard paint on the surface. When used this way, the chalkboards surfaces retain a rough textured, non-textured finish. This allows for the textured paint to be rubbed more easily and the textured paint absorbed more readily.

chalk paint

DIY Interior Painting

It’s possible to create a highly durable surface by applying a thin coat of chalk paint to it over a number of days. When working with this sort of finish, it’s advisable to use a fine-grit, low quality paint and to let the grit build up to a high degree before painting the board. This results in a very durable surface. However, if you need to repaint the board quickly, a good alternative would be to apply a thin coat of oil, automotive paste wax, or silicon hydride to the boards’ topcoat, put some sand paper on top, smooth the sandpaper and reapply the oil/varnish, and then put another layer of sand paper to work over the final layer. This would result in a highly durable and long-lasting finish.

When applying chalk paint to a wooden surface, one of the most important steps is sanding. Although the process sounds relatively simple, many people don’t know how to properly sand a wooden surface. For best results, make sure to use a really fine-grit sanding compound and to start with a really slow, circular motion. The idea is to get rid of all the deep-sets and depressions while achieving a smooth, uniform look. Once you’re happy with the overall appearance of the surface, you can speed things up by adding a primer on top.

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