Choosing a Driving School in East London

When learning to drive, you’ll want to choose a driving school with experienced instructors. They should have a good reputation and offer high-quality driving lessons at reasonable prices. Most of them will also have their own cars that you can use for the driving lessons east london. However, you should always check whether these cars are new enough to be safe for learner drivers.

How much does a driving lesson cost in London?

Some driving schools even provide automatic and manual lessons for students with different preferences. This way, they can help students to feel comfortable behind the wheel no matter what type of car they’re learning in. If you want to save money, it’s best to opt for the cheaper manual car lessons.

A common reason that learners fail their tests is misjudging the distances between parked cars, so make sure you practice these with your instructor.  A local instructor warns that the test centre has a small car park, so it’s worth arriving early to make sure you can find parking nearby. Also, some of the streets in the area are within the congestion charge zone, so you may need to pay extra if you’re travelling here during rush hour.

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