How Do You Care For Your Spray Foam Guns?

Spray foam Lake Keowee SC | For many homeowners in Lake Keowee SC, the typical tool they use for house construction and restoration is a spray foam gun. In fact, most homeowners are quick to tell you that they own at least one spray foam gun, and many have several. These guns come in a wide range of sizes and power levels, with some delivering small pinpoint bursts and other weapons that are capable of spraying in a wider diameter. Many of these guns can even be loaded manually, making them both portable and long-range weapons. In this article, we’ll take a look at some basic information about how these guns work, as well as how to care for them to ensure years of faithful service.

How Do You Care For Your Spray Foam Guns?

The spray foam used by most gun owners is made from a polyurethane foam that has been specifically treated with an anti-fog component to help reduce condensation. This foam will be injected into your walls and cavities, whereupon it will harden into a hard, durable coating that can protect your floors and ceilings against moisture, dirt, and general dust. Some guns will also feature a spray foam nozzle that is loaded with a variety of different nozzles, allowing users to spray in areas beyond the immediate project being worked on. For instance, some models can spray foam directly onto plasterboard in order to fill in large gapped areas.


Proper maintenance of your guns will go a long way toward ensuring their effectiveness and long life. You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them closely, especially when it comes to spraying foam. If your gun begins to foam up, immediately remove the foam from the area to prevent any damage to surrounding surfaces. Likewise, when spraying, you should only apply a thin layer and allow it to dry before removing it. If your guns become clogged with hair or debris, simply brush them free with a soft cloth to ensure that they are properly lubricated and working properly.

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