How to Grind Stone Stumps With a Stump Grinder

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Stump Grinding Trafalgar is the company behind the Stump Grinding Travalgar. This product is unique in the stump grinding industry because it is the only tool that allows you to easily grind any type of stone including; slate, limestone, sandstone, granite and even coral. All of these stones can be crushed into a powdery substance that you can then load into your Trafalgar stone shredder and use to grind away at any type of deadwood, lichen or tree stump. Because it uses a special type of powdered rock you can guarantee consistent results each time you use your stump grinder.


To use your Trafalgar Rockwell all you have to do is place the stump into the handle and run the blade down the length of the stump until the blade cuts through the heart of the log or stone. You should then remove the stump from the handle and wipe the stump with a rag and place it in a sealed container to prevent moisture getting into it and rotting your log or stone. The blade will need to be ground down again and then re-ground until it cuts through the entire log or stone. This process should be repeated as necessary until your stump is fully ground. Once finished, you can then take your stump or stone out of the container and place it in your regular yard mower for mulching.


Stump Grinding by Trafalgar is a great investment in your yard and should be considered if you’re a homeowner or even a contractor who deals with construction. The cost of a stump grinding machine isn’t much more than a couple of cement board and road-mix trucks. If you use this product regularly, you won’t see any reason not to invest in one. In addition to providing a safer working environment, you will also have more time to do other yard work such as trimming hedges and other landscape maintenance.

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