Memorial Services for My Dad

A funeral home in the small town of Mornington Peninsula has changed for the better since my father moved there twenty-eight years ago. The funeral homes of the past were very run down and unorganized, this has changed to a very pleasant place to be while taking care of your loved one. The funeral homes in Daytona Peninsula are now a very welcoming and warm place to be while planning a funeral. There is even a beautiful lake front with an endless line of beach houses for those who want to take a relaxing vacation during the summer. The funeral homes are a great resource for a family when it comes time to plan a funeral. You will find that your loved one’s funeral can be planned and scheduled at the same time as the final wishes of the person who has passed on. Read more

How to Found Memorial Services for My Dad

My father chose to have a traditional funeral at the local funeral home, which has a very large and well organized chapel. He wanted a simple service with the full service without any music or officiant but with a very nice hymn sung by a member of the clergy or guest speaker. He wanted a funeral that would be remembered by the family for years to come. Since my mom was the only child, the funeral home director suggested that she take the body to the Cedar Point Amusement Park for the final services. As you can imagine this was a very hard decision on my father as he did not want his wife and children going to a place they did not like.

We all agree that the funeral home did a wonderful job taking care of my dad and I while he was a patient in the hospital. It was a tough decision but one we all thought could be best resolved at this point in his life. We also wanted to keep in mind that he had wanted a funeral service for many years prior to his death. It took some research and talking to several funeral homes in Daytona Peninsula but eventually we located a funeral home that we felt did an excellent job with our dad.

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