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Paddle Court is a game that was played between the UK and France in the mid 1940’s. paddle tennis was introduced in the UK in 1948, but it was not long before it was played professionally between the two countries. The sport can be found in most of the youth and recreational sports clubs in the UK. The sport was first known as Canco, which is an acronym for “Cancha de padel“. The first major event that was played between the two countries was the Six Nations in the spring of 1944.

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The sport can be divided into three divisions, the hard court, the spongy court and the clay court. Paddle tennis was first played on grass, later to be replaced by synthetic turf and then later by synthetic turf that was used for football fields. Clay court play is played on a special court, called the pommel horse court, which has a special surface that doesn’t slip. The game can be played on sand or pebbles, depending on the purpose of the event.

The players are allowed to wear sleeveless tops, and shorts with no socks allowed. The players wear white-colored socks called “ajamas” and pink socks called “socks”, while they play. Paddle court equipment consists of two men on each team, a paddler (often a bowler), who throw the spongy ball, and two other players, one on each side of the paddler. The player who throws the spongy ball first, wins the game. Many international paddle tennis tournaments have rules stating that each team must consist of at least one male and female player, both of whom must use protective clothing such as shorts, shirts, socks, and elbow pads.

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