The Benefits of Drinking Water Straight From Your Tap

With the alarming reports of prescription drug contaminants in tap water, most people are looking for ways to improve their own personal well-being and drink cool pure, great tasting water. The easiest way to get clean water in your home is by installing a drinking fountain or water feature. These fountains and water features create a constant flow of water, making it effortless for you to drink from any source. However, in order to eliminate the need for bottled water, many people have found the solution in the form of a great new bottled drinking water cooler. In this article I will show you how these great little devices can save your family’s health and money in the process.

Reasons to Drink Cool Tapy Water

A number of companies have created appliances that make it possible to drink water straight from the tap, without having to purchase a bottle. Many bottled drinking water coolers contain chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients. Moreover, bottled drinking water can sometimes contain trace amounts of herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants. Also, contamination can also occur because of plastic leaching onto kitchen and bathroom surfaces for long periods of time, thus transferring to your drinking water. Therefore, purchasing a device that allows you to drink water straight from the tap is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family’s health.

If you want to purchase a good tasting, reliable, portable, low maintenance device with the added bonus of saving money on your water bill every month, then look for an Ibwa product. An Ibwa bottle drinking water cooler is a great investment for anyone who values clean drinking water and wants to protect his family’s health. With a simple push of a button, Ibwa can provide up to eight hours of cool, refreshing drink from tap water, all while preventing contamination and maximizing the quality of his drinking water. In addition to saving money, Ibwa is a good choice for anyone who wants to help improve the environment and make his or her family’s life healthier.

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