The Swiss Made Watch

Swiss Made Watch

Swiss Made Watch

If a brand is labeled ‘Swiss made’ it means it must meet a specific set of conditions in order to be deemed a genuine ‘Swiss watch’. This includes that the movement is of Swiss origins (the mechanics behind the watch keeping time), that it is encased in Switzerland, and that the manufacturer carries out the final inspection on the watch within this nation.

As you can imagine this makes for a very rigorous standard to meet, and one that most consumers can trust. It also means that these watches are a lot more than a fashion fad or trend; they’re often passed down from generation to generation, and they’re not something you buy to wear for a year before moving on to the next.

Another big calling is that they are usually encased in sapphire crystal. This material is incredibly hard and very durable, meaning that ‘Swiss made’ watches tend to be less prone to scratches than non-‘Swiss watch’ models.

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However, not all ‘Swiss made’ watches are created equal; many companies have taken advantage of loopholes in the Swiss regulations in order to save money on production costs by outsourcing their manufacturing to Asia and still be able to use the ‘Swiss Made’ label. This has been a worrying trend since the 1970’s and could ultimately devalue the reputation of the ‘Swiss watch’. Thankfully, some brands like Longines, who were the first to embrace American production methods in order to break into the American market, have continued to prioritize quality over quantity and continue to maintain the high standards that have given the ‘Swiss made’ mark its prestige.

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