Ultimate Tuning in World of Warcraft

If you’re ultimate tuning to go even more crazy with your car, this is the section for you. Ultimate tuning allows you to do things like tweak your car’s gearing, which will affect acceleration and top speed. A low gear ratio will give you more acceleration but less top speed, while a high one will have the opposite effect. This is a great way to tune your car for different tracks as you’ll want shorter gear ratios if racing on a technical track and longer ones if on a straighter race course.

Another thing you can do in this category is play with your car’s stance and fitment. This can make or break your car’s handling, and if you go too far it can make the vehicle look silly. The goal here is to find that perfect balance between a good handling car and one that doesn’t look so ridiculous that people will laugh at you at the track.

From Stock to Suped-Up: Exploring the World of Diesel Performance Enhancement

The Sports section is unlocked at Collector Level 3 and contains the basic upgrades you’ll need before diving into the more serious stuff in the Racing and Club sections. The Racing section is where you’ll spend the majority of your time as it contains all of the higher-end performance upgrades you can purchase for cars. Some of these can be installed on a variety of vehicles while others are specific to the car that they’re installed on. For example, you cannot install a Nitro System on a car that doesn’t have an innate boost/nitrous system from the factory.

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