An ultrasonic cleaner is the most commonly used type of cleaning equipment for homes, offices and other businesses due to its ease of use. Ultrasonic cleaning simply utilizes ultrasound to vibrate a liquid or solution and in doing so it carries out numerous clean work tasks such as removing dirt, debris, oil and other contaminants that have accumulated on a surface. Ultrasonic cleaners work well on hard surfaces such as stainless steel and are also useful for counter tops, sinks and other areas where liquids do not adhere easily. Using ultrasonic cleaner systems is one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of various types of pollutants from your home, office or commercial building.

Different Application Areas of Ultrasonic Cleaners

To use an ultrasonic cleaner, all you need to do is place a surface to be cleansed in the device and turn it on. A probe with a set of rotating turntable plates moves across the surface collecting the various particles. The rotating plates hit the surface with high frequency energy and vibrations, generating low frequency sound waves that vibrate the surface particles. The low frequency sound waves have the capability to penetrate various surface material allowing the particles to be sucked into a collection cup that contains the ultrasonic cleaner liquid. The ultrasonic cleaner liquid, which can contain a variety of cleaning solutions, is then sprayed on the dirty surface and left to settle.

Once the cleaning liquid has settled, it is time to empty the tank, refill the tank if necessary and replace the pump. A cleaning solution tank typically contains foam and bubbles that are pumped through the system when a cleaning solution is added to the tank to maintain its consistency. The ultrasonic cleaner solution tank is then left to finish the job by itself, vacuuming up the collected bubbles and dirt, as well as the contaminants on the surface that was subjected to the ultrasonic cavitation intensity of the water jets.

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