Why Is Mold Testing So Important For Businesses And Residents?

The need for good quality mould testing Auckland is huge, especially as the country undergoes a rapid increase in population and a consequent increased demand for businesses that deal with molds. Moulds have the potential to spread highly harmful diseases and are particularly hazardous to children’s health. In fact, it has been found that more than 400 children have been known to have been affected by harmful strains of mould every year in New Zealand alone.

Mould testing Auckland


Mold testing in Auckland has become one of the most important responsibilities of local businesses due to the large number of residential properties that are located within the city. This is because a large section of the city has been designated as highly hazardous for mold growth, mainly due to the lack of regulations surrounding the construction of residential buildings in the area. Because these areas are typically below ground level, there is often no obvious signs of a problem until a serious issue surfaces. Therefore, if the health of your customers and employees is at risk, it is essential that you hire professionals to carry out an inspection and identify the sources of contamination.


There are two main areas within Auckland which have been identified as having the highest incidence of toxic mold growth – Botanical and Cottonwood. Both of these areas have experienced a large increase in foot traffic as well as an influx of new businesses, as residents attempt to combat the effects of the weather on their homes. However, both of these areas have seen a marked increase in the number of areas that have been subject to mold testing within the last few years. These areas within Auckland have now been included in the Auckland area Health Board’s list of highly toxic places.

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